Apachi mission

Corporate Mission: Continue to create value for our customers;

Apachi Vision

Professional suppliers of high quality new fabrics

Apachi Values

Learning, growth, unity, hard work, dedication, synchronization of the company with the times, creating value with customers, and creating benefits with employees Standards of Business Conduct



The Standards of Business

Conduct describes the company’s core values, which are the cornerstones of our corporate goals. In this regard, the company's Standards of Business Conduct applies not only to our business operations, but also to the specific business conduct of each company employee. The Standards of Business Conduct refers to what employees need to do or cannot do. This standards applies to all company employees, including the general manager and all company employees.
If employees do not follow the company’s Standards of Business Conduct, they will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action up to the date of expulsion.

1. Stick to integrity and honesty.

A man cannot succeed without honesty. Apachi places integrity and honesty on the top of the Standards of Business Conduct. Apachi's integrity and honesty reflected on three aspects: The company sticks to integrity and honesty. Adhering to integrity and honesty is the secret of Apachi's entrepreneurial success. As a company with social responsibility, Apachi is honesty to the community, companies, consumers, alliance business and employees. Entrepreneurs stick to integrity and honesty. An entrepreneur who is respected, socially responsible and has a good public image is the foundation for success. Apachi entrepreneurs openly declare that they will continue to uphold integrity, be true to their words, and achieve results. Employees stick to integrity and honesty. A firm, dedicated, and capable employee team is a decisive factor in the success of the company and its continuous development. Adhering to integrity and honesty is the company’s primary requirement for employees. When we recruit employees, we will put integrity and honesty as the fundamental.

2. Obey the law. When conducting business activities, our company and employees are subject to various legal regulations. Our business operations must follow the provisions of the law to operate.

3. To ensure that the company's accounts and records are true and accurate.

No falsification of documents or records is allowed within the company. The company is required to ensure that the information in the accounts and records (including financial and other business records) as well as the employees' personnel and benefits-related data are true and accurate.

4.To respect colleagues. Discrimination and harassment against colleagues are prohibited.

5. Employees must keep company secrets.

Confidential information means: Non-public information that you know according to your company’s position, which may be exploited by a competitor or cause damage to the company; non-public information obtained from other employees, customers, or consumers.

6.Discuss the company's business and work without security measures in public places.

7. Do not use any of the company's resources, information, or intellectual property rights for personal gain.

8. No disclosure of personal or other person’s remuneration information under any circumstances.

9. Do not accept work-related colleagues, suppliers or customers provide such as cash, gifts, services, benefits opportunities. In the case where it is impossible to resign, the gift and cash should be submitted to the administrative department.

10. Protect company assets from being destroyed or lost.

11. Both companies and employees have the obligation to keep their privacy confidential.

12. The company strives to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment.



Business ethics

Dedicated to duty, honest and trustworthy, courteous and dedicated

Business policy

Lean technology, excellent quality, perfect service, continuous innovation, creating Apachi brand

Business philosophy

High quality products.