The high-density polyester taffeta calendered fabric is […]

The high-density polyester taffeta calendered fabric is woven with warp and weft polyester FDY40D/72F*50D/48F multi-fiber raw materials. It is woven on the water jet loom according to the 310T weaving specification. The craft has a unique style. After single-side calendering and printing process, the printing pattern has both three-dimensional and layered feelings, and the calendering plays the role of painting the dragon to achieve the ideal mirror effect. The fabric can be high-density spinning. Comparable, the width of the cloth is 150cm, the weight is 50g/m2, and the wholesale price per meter is about 7.80 yuan.

High-density polyester taffeta calendered printing fabric is suitable for all kinds of clothing fabrics such as down jacket, windbreaker, jacket, ski suit, etc. It can also be used in various shoe fabrics, luggage fabrics, automotive interiors, lighting materials and many other products. Function production use.