Classification of jacquard fabrics.


1, monochrome jacquard: also known as jacquard dyed fab […]

1, monochrome jacquard: also known as jacquard dyed fabric, first weaved by jacquard weaving jacquard fabric, after finishing the fabric into a solid color.

2, multi-color jacquard: called yarn-dyed jacquard fabrics, the first yarn dyed color and then woven by jacquard weaving machine, and finally finishing, so yarn-dyed jacquard fabric has more than two colors, fabric color is rich, not Monotonous, the flower has a strong stereoscopic effect and a higher grade.

In addition to the classification of the above two jacquard fabrics, there is also a large jacquard fabric and a small jacquard fabric, which are characterized by soft texture, delicate, smooth and unique texture, good gloss, drapability and breathability. High color fastness (yarn dyeing). However, in comparison, the pattern of the large jacquard fabric is large and exquisite, the color layer has a distinct three-dimensional effect, and the pattern of the small jacquard fabric is relatively simple and relatively simple.