How about flocking printed cloth?


1, Rich color patterns: flocking cloth because of the u […]

1, Rich color patterns: flocking cloth because of the use of a lot of printing and dyeing means, so similar to paint printing, hot stamping, printed fabric flocking and direct printing and discharge printing flocking products abound, flocked printed cloth products The color pattern is more abundant and the styles are various, which provides consumers with ample choices to meet the various consumer needs of people.
2, The design is decorative: compared to the previous flocking products, the quality of flocked printed cloth is more sophisticated. This is because in the design of the product, the designer has absorbed more and more experience, the product pattern design is very harmonious and exquisite, and at the same time it combines the fashion elements of the trend of the times, making the flocked printed cloth look very It is very eye-catching and its decoration is very strong. It is very eye-catching to make it into various products, and the decoration effect is very surprising and pleasant. So many consumers are very fond of it.