What is industrial cloth?


There are many kinds of industrial fabrics, and many fa […]

There are many kinds of industrial fabrics, and many fabrics like canvas and oxford are known as industrial fabrics.

Knitwear and woven fabrics are different. Knitted fabrics and woven fabrics have their own unique characteristics in terms of processing technology, fabric structure, fabric characteristics and finished products.
(1) The composition of the fabric: (1) Knitted fabric: the yarn is sequentially bent into a coil, and the coils are sleeved to form a fabric, and the process of forming the stitch of the yarn can be carried out laterally or vertically, and the transverse weave is called It is a weft knitted fabric, and the longitudinal weaving is called a warp knitted fabric. (2) Woven fabric: It is made up of two or more sets of mutually perpendicular yarns, which are interwoven with warp and weft at a 90-degree angle. The longitudinal yarn is called warp yarn, and the horizontal yarn is called weft yarn.
(2) Basic unit of fabric organization: (1) Knitted fabric: The coil is the smallest basic unit of the knitted fabric, and the coil is composed of a circle and a stretched line in a spatial curve. (2) woven fabric: each intersection between warp and weft is called the tissue point and is the smallest basic unit of the woven fabric.