The difference between jacquard and other floral fabrics


1 Printed fabric Jacquard refers to the textile in whic […]

Printed fabric
Jacquard refers to the textile in which the yarn is interwoven into different patterns according to different movement rules during the production process. It is the interlacing of the yarn, the change of the yarn color and the matching of different yarn movement rules to produce different color blocks. The pattern of the appearing pattern is mixed, three-dimensional, and textured.

A printed fabric is a fabric that is patterned with a pigment or dye and is planar.

Embroidered fabric
Embroidered fabric is an artistic pattern fabric. Its stitching is varied, there is no directionality, color is free to use, and the jacquard fabric is colored by warp and weft yarns. The yarns are arranged regularly, and different color blocks are produced by different tissues. The number of colors is limited.

Burnt fabric
The burnt-out fabric is a textile in which the cotton fiber in the polyester-cotton core-spun yarn or the polyester-cotton blend fabric is rotted with acid syrup to reveal a transparent pattern, and the woven fabric can be smeared on the fabric woven from silk and rayon. Go to rayon to give a thin, translucent pattern.